Hand Antiseptic is a crucial germ-killing aid to disinfect hands. Hand Antiseptic is a scientifically verified, moisturizing, easy-to-use hand sanitizing gel.

An instant Hand Antiseptic product refers to an antiseptic including training planned for frequent application without a water soak and which reduces the number of bacteria on undamaged skin. Moreover, instant Hand Antiseptic products are further defined as antiseptic including drug products applied topically to skin to prevent disease, or to help avoid cross infectivity. Disinfectant soaps, hand sanitizing products that need rinsing, patient preoperative skin planning, surgical hand scrubs, and aerosols or wipes are outside the scope of this standard. It is the waterless Hand Antiseptic that feels like a moisturizer. Hand Antiseptic with Moisturizer provides fast bactericidal action beside a wide spectrum of microorganisms. Hand Antiseptic, with moisturizer which doesn’t need washing for daily use. It disappears instantly, not sticky, disinfects and groom your hands. You can effectively prevent infections.

Healthcare people should wash hands with soap and water when hands are visibly unclean, infected or dirty and use hand antiseptic when hands are not visibly dirty to decrease bacterial counts Hand Antiseptic is used to reduce or slow down the growth of microorganisms without the required for an exogenous source of water and requiring no cleaning or drying with towels or other plans Hand Antiseptic


Hand Antiseptic Application

  • To reduce bacteria on the skin.
  • Suggested for frequently use.
  • Apply to clean, dry hands, covering whole face, including nails.
  • For external use only.
  • Don’t apply in or near the eyes or on mucous membranes.