Hand Rub offering rapid skin disinfection easily mounted in point-of-care and public areas. Gather hand sanitation requirements of key international, national and state strategy and initiatives.

A waterless Hand Rub offers rapid skin disinfection, simply mounted in point-of-care and open areas. Wide spectrum activity kills 99.99% of pathogens within 30 seconds. Alcohol and chlorhexidine formula for constant bactericidal effect. Meet up hand Hand Rub hygiene supplies of key international, national and state/territory guidelines and initiatives. Gentle on the skin with moisturizers and emollients.

Hand Rub Solution is used straight to rapidly disinfect the hands. Easy and convenient to use, a popular choice for those who choose a liquid alcohol based Hand Rub.


  • Alcohol Hand Rub should not be used on dirty hands, and can’t replace hand washing. They should be used together with hand washing as part of hand hygiene procedure.
  • Long, false, polished and unbalanced fingernails and cuticles can hold up with valuable Hand Rub hygiene and damage or compromise glove integrity. Maintain nails smooth and short and avoid nail design or applications.
  • Put alcohol hand rub machines away from sinks to keep away from confusion with soap or lotion dispensers.
  • Alcohol hand rub are combustible. Take proper precautions when storing and using them.
  • Dry sanitizer completely before gloving, as solutions might involve glove reliability.